Indonesia Banyu Teknologi


Since the water utilization become higher and higher, the fact shown that water extremely change in both quality and quantity for the last century and other side, Environment and Energy become a critical issue, engineers have been trying to find the solution in providing a technology on clean water while cleaner environment  at lower energy consumption.

Indonesia Banyu Teknologi was born to provide technology for Clean and Pure Water with Cleaner and Greener Environment.


Over the 20 years the founder of PT Indonesia Banyu Teknologi (IBT) has involved into a comprehensive provide of a wide range technology in Clean/purified water and Wastewater Treatment for industrial and Domestic Municipal.

The involvement  is also including application for waste to energy, re-use or water recycling, and using smaller footprint of the plant requirement



Water Treatment


Wastewater treatment


  • Treatability Study and Lab Test
  • Process & Engineering Design
  • Supply & Installation of Equipments and Instrumentation
  • Programming Plant Automatisation
  • Plant Testing & Commissioning
  • Plant Expansion or Upgrading
  • Plant Trouble shooting and Training

About IBT

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